Board of Directors

Solid Waste Management Board: This board seats six members each serving a three year term plus a commissioner representation term that rotates annually. The purpose of the Gallatin County Solid Waste Management District is to:

  • Provide constituents with cost efficient solid waste services; to provide for the balanced consideration and representation of the diverse views and issues regarding solid waste management;
  • Advocate for the healthy, safety and welfare of the residents;
  • Manage the processing, reclaiming, storing, transporting, or disposing of waste in ways that protect the ecology of lands in the District;
  • Identify goals, policies, and procedures that will aid local jurisdictions in meeting solid waste reduction and recycling goals.

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Dave Hanson*,City of Three Forks 406-580-2930 Term Ends: June 1, 2022

Kevin Handelin, City of Bozeman 406-582-3238Term Ends: June 1, 2020

Joseph Hauck, City of Belgrade 406-697-9500 Term Ends: June 1, 2021

Phil Ideson, Member at Large 406-539-9542 Term Ends: June 1, 2021

Lance Johnson, Member at Large 406-581-0599 Term Ends:  June 1, 2020

Lisa Rowell, City of Manhattan 406-548-3412 Term Ends: June 1, 2022

Don Seifert Commission Representative 406-582-3000 Commission: December 31, 2019

*Board Chairman