Bozeman Convenience Site

The Bozeman Convenience Site is owned by the City of Bozeman and operated by Gallatin Solid Waste Management District. It opened in 2008 for the convenience of non-commercial District residents to dispose of regular household materials in small quantities only. It is not, and was not intended to be, a transfer site as that is not permitted under the operating license. See below for operating hours.

Download the Bozeman Convenience Site Brochure:

Household Trash ($27/ton, $10 minimum)
Recycling – Cardboard, Mixed Paper, Plastic Bottles, Cans (free)
Scrap metal ($27/ton, $10 minimum)
Household Hazardous Waste : Free;  2nd Saturday of each month
Compost: clean wood & yard waste

Payment Options:
Cash, credit/debit cards, charge accounts

What NOT to take to BCS:

BCS does NOT accept deceased animals, carcasses or roadkillThese items may be taken to Logan Landfill for disposal.

BCS will not accept railroad ties, telephone poles or concrete.  Take these items to Logan Landfill for disposal.

We do not accept full loads of trash or construction material in large trailers, horse trailers, tip trailers, Uhaul trucks/trailers, dump trucks. These loads must be taken to Logan Landfill. Trailers may ONLY be used for compost or brush.

Bulky items will be charged an oversize fee of $5.00 per item: furniture, mattresses, box springs, large rolls of carpet, etc.   (Please take large televisions and monitors, etc. to Logan Landfill to be recycled).

Refrigerators/Freezers are not accepted at Bozeman Convenience Site.  Please take those to Logan Landfill.  (You can also check with Pacific Steel.)

IMPORTANT! Review our policies before making a trip to the BCS.

Visit us at:
2143 Story Mill Rd
Bozeman, MT 59715

You can reach us at 406-587-7890

Tuesday – Saturday: 8:00am to 3:30pm all year
CLOSED Sunday – Monday
There will be a Late Fee Disposal Charge implemented at 3:31p.m.